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ENDING IN 3 HOURS - Free 48hr MYO Event by Valyriana
Check it out~ I am participating as well~!
MYO Hanamimi - Noir by LucciolaCrown
:sushi: Will Do
  • Boys/Girls
  • Couples
  • Ecchi
  • Antho
  • Furry
  • Gijinka
  • Chibies 
:sushi: Won't Do
  • Mecha
  • Some Fetishes [Please inquire privately]
  • Clutter

  :sushi: Payment Info
  -Payment will vary upon commission type,
  typically though it will be asked for after you receive the initial sketch
  -Work will not continue until payment is received .

  :sushi: Commission Status
  - Currently OPEN~

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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  P R I C E S *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

 C O F F E E ✧ C H I B I =
  $4 each
 Very small simplistic and cute! One layer for lines and another for color!
  Marcy Coffee Chibi by LucciolaCrownHime Coffee Chibi by LucciolaCrownBuga Coffee Chibi by LucciolaCrownMana Coffee Chibi by LucciolaCrownNunatak Coffee Cheeb by LucciolaCrownRose Coffee Cheeb by LucciolaCrown
 B A D G E ✧ C H I B I =Random=
  $12 each
These are completely random chibies, you throw in a reference and will be surprised with the outcome!
  Applefiend Badge Chibi by LucciolaCrownBadgeChibi : KarinMakaa by LucciolaCrownLoverofscythe Badge Chibi by LucciolaCrownAlmond Badge Chibi by LucciolaCrownOdele Badge Chibi by LucciolaCrown

 B A B Y D O L L ✧ C H I B I =Random=
  $12 each 
These are completely random chibies, you throw in a reference and will be surprised with the outcome!
  Just some precious little front facing babies~

Babydoll Chibi : Personal Cupid by LucciolaCrownBabydoll Chibi : Personal by LucciolaCrownBabydoll Chibi : Zestein by LucciolaCrown

P O K E ✧ P I L L O W 
  $20 each
These are chibies of you and your favorite pokemon cuddling up together on a cozy little pillow, large pokemon may cost a little extra depending on size [i.e charizard - waillord sizes].
Small types can see about 1-3 on their pillow, Medium types will be limited to 1.
  Pokepillow Steph by LucciolaCrown  Pokepillow NaniRoxy by LucciolaCrown   Pokepillow N1ffum by LucciolaCrown  Juls Pillow Site by LucciolaCrown  Pokepillow Arakawa by LucciolaCrown

 P I Z Z A ✧ C H I B I 
  $25 each
Do you ever lose yourself to desire for pizza? I know I do.
These are more experimental chibies with an interesting and intense feeling to them, chowing down on delicious pizza when ever possible~!
You are free to choose the type of pizza or if you want a box or not, as well as the general feel for the picture.

  Pizza Chibi : BUGA by LucciolaCrown  Pizza Chibi : Rose by LucciolaCrown  Pizza Chibi : Zach by LucciolaCrown  Pizza Chibi : Jun by LucciolaCrown  Pizza Chibi : Quesozombie by LucciolaCrown

 P R I S M A T I C ✧ P O R T R A I T 
  $30 each 
✧Sparkly and fresh with a fine bust picture.
This art can be nsfw or sfw!
Love never felt so good [P] by LucciolaCrown
 T H I G H - U P ✧ P O R T R A I T 
  $35 each 
✧Just some lovely pinup portraits[thigh up]
This art can be nsfw or sfw, honestly I prefer doing lingerie but you know~